Potato cold storage completed and now in use.

September 2, 2017

Potato cold storage completed and now in use.
Project subject Potato cold store
Year of installation: 2017
Project location: Tengzhou city, Shandong province, China.
Refrigeration system: Direct expansion refrigeration system
Room temp: 18degC~8degC~2degC
Power supply: 380V/3phase/50Hz
Refrigerant type: R22
Compressor brand: Fusheng
Compressor type: Semi hermetic single stage screw type compressor
Condenser type Evaporative condenser
Evaporator type Fin & tube evaporator


This is a potato cold storage project we completed in late April of 2017. The project location is in Tengzhou, Zaozhuang city of Shandong province in east China.



The room temperature 2 degree Celsius. According to technician, In this area potato harvest time is around end of May, Workers picks potatos in the morning or late in the afternoon, For those potatos that are picked during noon time will not last long no matter how good cooling condition provided.



When harvesting, the temperature of potato entrys cold storage can be as high as 30 degree Celcuis, so in the first 20 days, we will need to cool the potatos down to about 18 degree Celcuis, then in the next 20 days keep pulling down the temperature to about 10 degree Celcuis, then change the room temperature to 2 degree Celcuis.


Weight loss during storaging can cause a lot of problem, but we can simply settle this problem by pouring some water every now and then, in this case the potatos wont dry out and wont grow bacteria. Using this way the potato can storage for about 10 months and only lose about 5~8% weight.


This site has 11 cold storages totally, overall storage volume is around 11,000 tons, and because the temperature is 2 degree, it can also be used for other vegetable.


Video of potato cold storage room inside:



Now the cold room construction has completed and delivered, customer had a very big openning ceremony,



Unlike ammonia system, our freon system is fully autometically controlled by program, every detail of the status are monitorred and can be seen on your cellphone.


For this site, according to the user, the overall electricity fee is about 0.028 CNY per kg potato per year.


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