Huawei invited Doctor Zhang Wen'Hong to introduce how to stay safe from Corona virus (Covid-19)

April 15, 2020

Latest company news about Huawei invited Doctor Zhang Wen'Hong to introduce how to stay safe from Corona virus (Covid-19)

On the evening of April 8, Huawei invited Professor Zhang Wenhong to the Institute to answer the global anti epidemic questions of overseas employees and their families, which lasted for 2 hours. The atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant. Several opinions of Professor Zhang were summarized for reference only
1. Temperature: don't expect that the new coronavirus will disappear with the increase of temperature. The new coronavirus may be inactivated at 50 ℃. Except in the equatorial region, it can't meet the environmental conditions.
2. Vaccine: don't expect the vaccine to go on the market in a short period of time. At present, the fastest vaccine research and development is between China and the United States. Among them, China and France are cooperating in vaccine experiments, such as the experiment on monkeys (primates). It will take at least one and a half years for the vaccine to go on the market.
3. Time: Professor Zhang: "if the global epidemic can end in 1-2 months, I don't need to come to Huawei to answer the anti epidemic questions. It is predicted that the global epidemic will last for 1-2 years, and the scope of East Asia and Southeast Asia is basically under control, including Japan, Singapore, etc. For quite a long time in the future, we may be in the stage of normalization where the medical system is very sensitive and everyone is not in a hurry. "
4. Country: at present, the countries that Professor Zhang is most worried about are India, South America and Africa, mainly because of their relatively backward medical conditions and poor diet and nutrition.
5. Prevention: 1) when washing hands, the most important thing is to wash hands crazily; 2) keep enough sleep, do not stay up late; 3) communicate with people, even if wearing masks, still keep a safe distance, remember not to get together to talk.
6. Symptoms: 1) fever and cough are not completely serious manifestations of the new crown. If you are in a shortage of medical resources in foreign countries, you can first isolate yourself and recover to avoid cross infection when you go to the hospital; 2) however, you need to pay extra attention to the following situations: if you find yourself climbing stairs, there are obvious signs of asthma and weakness from the first floor to the third floor, or there are obvious signs of asthma and chest tightness when you walk 200m on the ground Signs should be checked in a timely manner without carelessness.
7. Diet: first of all, for the new coronavirus, there is no specific medicine to eliminate the disease at present. Most people (especially young people) can recover by nutritional treatment, the key is to eat enough protein. Professor Zhang's daily diet requirements for patients with mild illness: at least two eggs, two cups of milk, one meal with fish and one meal with beef a day. (Professor Zhang thinks that the protein content of porridge and rice is far from enough. Eat less salted vegetables.)
8. Case (Shanghai): at present, according to the statistics of all cases in Shanghai, the children with infection are mild, 80% of the patients can self heal through diet and Western medicine; 20% of the patients need to rely on oxygen therapy, and can self heal within two weeks; only 3% - 5% of the severe patients need to be inserted.
9. After cure: 1) after cure, no sequelae will be left basically, no pulmonary fibrosis similar to SARS will appear; 2) after cure, the patient will not be able to infect others again; 3) after cure, the antibody immunity, at present, is not accurate, it can not be absolutely said that there will be no problem after antibody.
10. Office: 1) according to the statistics of cases in Shanghai, there is not enough or direct evidence that the new coronavirus is transmitted through central air conditioning, and all cases in Shanghai can be traced back to the specific transmission path; 2) statistically, aerosol transmission is not the main transmission path, and the place with the greatest risk in the office environment is the elevator; 3) the office environment has windows, no windows or masks All right.
11. Mask: 1) If it's a normal life situation, it's not necessary to change the mask in strict accordance with 4 hours. Professor Zhang also takes off the mask at home and wears it in a sunny place. There's no big problem, just look at the front and back carefully; 2) pay attention to one thing, do not take off the mask at the same time with people nearby, especially on the plane, remember not to take off the mask at the same time with people next door Rice.
12. Health: 1) during the epidemic, don't overwork yourself, and fatigue will lead to the decline of immunity; 2) don't be too thin, which means that nutrition is not balanced, and you should eat a reasonable diet, especially protein intake; 3) don't be too fat, too fat, and have a great impact in severe cases; 4) worry about eating too much, which leads to obesity, so it is recommended to strengthen exercise, especially when there are few early risers Running for a few laps is a good exercise; 5) don't stay at home for a long time. At present, it's safe to go outdoors, especially in a park with few people. You can walk more and keep a safe distance.
In conclusion, take in more protein, wash hands frequently, strengthen exercise and keep a good mood on weekdays! From: HW UU, please indicate the source at the same time. Thank you.