Shandong Ourfuture Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • China Shandong Ourfuture Energy Technology Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Shandong Ourfuture Energy Technology Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Shandong Ourfuture Energy Technology Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Shandong Ourfuture Energy Technology Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Shandong Ourfuture Energy Technology Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Shandong Ourfuture Energy Technology Co., Ltd. company profile
Company Details
Main Market: North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Worldwide
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Brands: Ourfuture
No. of Employees: 120~150
Annual Sales: 15000000-20000000
Year Established: 2004
Export p.c: 90% - 100%
Main products: compressor units, condensing unit
Compressor brand: Bitzer, Carlyle, Danfoss, Copeland, Bock, Hanbell, Fusheng

Shandong Ourfuture Energy Technology Co., Ltd produces screw type  condensing units, screw type multiple compressor parallel units, reciprocating condensing units, reciprocating parallel compressor racks, scroll type compressor box type condensing unit and scroll type parallel compressor units with best quality and favorable price.


Our compressor units/racks can be used in cold room storage, blast freezer, fast frozen tunnel, retail refrigeration, cold chain logistics, chemical and pharmarcy area, fishery and shipping industry, etc. 


Our basic products include the following:
1. Single-stage reciprocating type parallel compressor racks(20HP~350HP) @7.5~45oC Tss.
2. 2-stage compressor reciprocating type parallel units(16~180HP) @-25~-65oC Tss.
3. Single-stage screw type parallel compressor racks(80~600HP) @5~45oC Tss.
4. 2-stage compressor screw type parallel compressor units(100~600HP) @-30~-65oC Tss.
5. Danfoss scroll type compressor box type condensing units and parallel compressor racks.
6. R744(CO2) cascade system compressor units.
(Refrigerant can be R744(CO2), R404a, R507, R407C, R22, etc. )


Our compressor racks and condensing units are equipped with world famous brand high quality components, we are distributor of , Carlyle, Fusheng, Bock, OEM factory of Danfoss. Key controllers and valves are Danfoss brand, contactors are Siemens brand. 


We also develop and program our own PLC control system, it can automatically control the running compressor quantity according to refrigeration need so that the system can save more energy and can provide 30% more use life than single compressor condensing units. With PLC auto control graphical interface, customer can operate with read the running status, data, parameter and error alarms easily. Optional remote control communication port is also provided, so that customer can monitor in their office. 


We focus on high efficiency daily mangement and QC to guarantee stable quality. By following ISO9001:2008, we have strict tracking system of each order, all welding are proformed with argon charged in the system to prevent welding waste going into the system. All condensers are delivered with high pressure gas charged when they delivered. Each final compressor rack will go through no-load test before packaging.


We welcome friends from all over the world, together let's serve the world with more environmental, efficient and cost effective refrigeration unit. 


Ourfuture Refrigeration - "Our future - refrigeration future!"

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The business was started back in the year of 2004 with the name of Jinan BingSiYuan Refrigeration Equipment. It is a contractor business who handles the design, installation and after maintenance of cold storage and compressor units of China domestic market.


After 8 years of development, the business turned out to be very good and has got a very good business reputation in the industry. Owner mr. Changsheng Shao thoght it is time to expand to production. In the year of 2012, Mr. Shao registered a factory in the name of Jinan Ourfuture Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. It is a factory who produce compressor racks for cold storage, fast frozen cold room, cooling tunnel, etc. 


With years of business accumulation, Ourfuture Refrigeration served quite a lot of projects, from fruit cold storage including apple cold room, peach cold room, orange cold room, to meat freezer, meat processing room, we also do -60 deg C cold room for tuna fish. 


To provide good stable quality, other than using famous brand components including , Danfoss, Emerson, band compressor, Danfoss valves, etc we have our own design and programmed monitor and control system. It can monitor every detail of the cold storage so that the system we provide to you is safe and easy to control.


We have been exported through trading companies many times before, but as business developed, we have registered our export right in the year of 2015 and started our own export business. We also welcome OEM, ODM projects to the world, let our excellent quality products serve more people in the world.


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Product Features:

  • Variety of options. 

Piston type single-stage parallel unit(20HP~350HP), evaporating temperature 7.5℃~-45℃

Piston type double-stage parallel unit(16HP~180HP), evaporating temperature -25℃~-65℃

Screw type single stage parallel unit(80HP~600HP), evaporating temperature 5℃~-45℃

Screw type double-stage parallel unit(100HP~600HP), evaporating temperature -30℃~-65℃

Refrigerant R404a, R507, R407C, R744, R22.

  • Stable & Reliable

The units are equipped with world famous brand high quality compressor and components, following the 

latest design, the perfect combination provides a safe and reliable system.


The unit comes standard with a controller that can effectively avoid turning on/off the motor frequently as well

as safety protection modules including the following: Phase loss protector, Inverted sequence, overvoltage

protector, undervoltage protector, oil pressure, high pressure, low pressure, motor overload.


High efficiency oil separating system. When power is on, there is no need to add lubricating oil, the standard 

provided oil heater (for screw unit), oil temperature controller (for screw unit) and oil level switch 

(for screw unit), etc. can protect the function.


The PLC controller is a standard provided component. It can automatically decide the compressor quantity to 

be used based on actual need of refrigerant capacity, average the running time between each compressor, 

save the power. All of these will guarantee an over 30% longer usage than single compressor condensing unit.

It has a unique low environment condensing pressure monitor system which guarantees a stable functioning 

when there is a low ambient temperature, lack of oil feeding or oil flow warning.

High efficiency gas liquid separator is used, with a unique pipeline design, it can effectively minimize the 

possibility of liquid strike. 

The “Pressure Vessel Certificate” approved reservoir is provided as well as the safety relief valve.

Fault isolation device is served so that when a certain compressor breaks down, the rest of the unit can keep 

running appropriately, making sure that client has enough time for repair and replacement.

  • High efficiency & energy saving

Because of a huge demand difference between seasons for refrigerating capacity, the unit must have a 

high level control for capacity, so that the unit can keep running under high efficiency mode. The average 

parallel unit efficiency, according to different refrigeration system is 30% higher than single compressor unit.

Using multiple compressor parallel units can provide a multiple energy level control, the refrigeration output 

can be dynamically allocated more smoothly according to actual situation.

With high efficiency oil separator, only a small amount of lubricating oil enters the system, this largely brings 

up the heat exchanging efficiency.

The PLC controller monitors running compressors quantity, it maintains a maximum use rate even when only 

parts of the compressors are functioning.

PLC controller can be set with the best running curve (maximum & minimum power comsuption), to same as 

much electricity as possible.

With “modularized design” the risk during construction can be largely reduced, construction period can be 

shortened, improve the product quality controllability.

  • Compact & nimble

Components such as compressor, reservoir, gas-liquid separator, oil separator, economizer, intake manifold,

 fluid supply manifold, electrical control equipment are all centralized, making sure every inch of the space is 

fully used.

The unit has a compact structure, the space saved during assembly can provide more space for commercial 

use, benefiting the end user with extra profit.

  • Easy operation & convenience

With PLC safety auto control, client can program with touch screen, the graphical control interface can

intently show the running status, recording data, parameter settings and false alarming, easy for operation.

The reserved remote communication interface can help customer to monitor remotely.

Thanks to the print output interface, customer can print the running history data of the unit and the system.

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