The role of these components in cold storage construction

September 27, 2017

Latest company news about The role of these components in cold storage construction

When it comes to cold storage, we all know, in our daily life in the field of food, it brings us not only the convenience of life, but also more health and safety. As we all know, any device will need to use a lot of large and small parts, and the perfect combination of these components in order to make the whole device work properly. Imagine the importance of these parts to cold storage. Today, Xiao Bian will bring you together to know what parts you need to use in cold storage and their role in the cold storage.


Compressor: it acts as a compressor to drive the refrigerant in the refrigerant circuit. The compressor extracts the refrigerant from the low pressure zone and compresses it to the high pressure zone after cooling. The heat is transferred to the air through the heat sink, and the refrigerant is changed from gas to liquid, and the pressure is increased.


Condenser: it is one of the main heat exchange equipment in cold storage refrigeration system. The function is to cool and condense the high temperature refrigerant which is assembled by the cold storage compressor, and to cool and condense it into high pressure liquid.


Evaporator: is the refrigerator heat away, make the liquid refrigerant in the low pressure low temperature evaporation, absorb the freezer to by heat and evaporate into gaseous refrigerant, the refrigerant gas is sucked into the compressor after compression, and then discharged into the condenser heat. Basically, the principle of the evaporator is the same as that of the condenser. The difference is that the former absorbs heat into the reservoir, while the latter heat the outside.


Storage tank: store Freon storage tank to ensure that the refrigerant is always saturated.


Solenoid valve: first, to prevent compressor downtime, high pressure parts of refrigerant liquid into the evaporator, to avoid the compressor next start, the low pressure is too high, to prevent compressor liquid hammer. The cold storage temperature reaches the set value temperature control action, solenoid valve energized, low pressure reaches the set value when the compressor stops down, when the refrigerator temperature rise to the set value, the thermostat, the solenoid valve, low pressure compressor start to rise the set value of the compressor starts.


High and low voltage protector: prevent high voltage, high pressure, low protection compressor.


Temperature controller: equivalent to the cold storage, the brain controls the cold storage, refrigeration, opening and stopping and defrosting, and the opening and stopping of the fan.


Dry filters: impurities and moisture in the filtration system.


Oil pressure protector: make sure the compressor has enough lubricating oil.


Expansion valve: also called the throttle valve, it can make the system high and low pressure forming a huge pressure, the high pressure refrigerant liquid expansion valve outlet rapidly expanding through evaporation, absorb the heat of the heat exchange tube wall.


Oil separator: its function is to separate the lubricating oil from the high-pressure steam discharged by the refrigeration compressor to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the device. The oil particles in high pressure steam can be separated under the action of gravity according to the principle of reducing oil flow and changing the direction of air flow. General airflow speed below 1m/s, can be contained in the steam more than 0.2mm in diameter of oil particles separated. The commonly used oil separators are washing, centrifugal, filling and filtering four kinds.


Evaporator pressure control valve is to prevent the evaporator pressure (and evaporation temperature) below the specified value. Sometimes it is used to adjust the evaporator to the force to accommodate the change in load.


Fan governor: this series fan governor is mainly used in the outdoor air cooling condenser of the refrigeration equipment, or the speed control of the cold air blower used in the cold storage.


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